Saturday, September 02, 2006

Hey, everybody!
I spent most of today working on a network security project. It was (and continues to be) awesome.
I'll be home again sometime tomorrow. I plan to enjoy a much deserved day off, then I'm back to work on Tuesday in a semi-gainful employment situation.
I chose my next assignment with interesting blog posts in mind. This new position promises to test the limits of inefficiency and reach new heights of corporate jack-assery.
I'm going to work at (company name deleted to comply with non-disclosure agreement) knowing the metaphorical I.T. flames are at least waist high in every area. I've had hang ups with "Human Resources" already and a botched background check (Stupid NSA forgot to cover up the unpleasantness known only as "Sarajevo 1997" again -- Tax dollars at work? I think not!) followed by a successful drug screen (I'll never work anywhere without a drug test again so help me.) but they have already ordered my BlackBerry. Even though I specifically told them I have an allergy.
Anyway, fingers crossed that is available through the corporate firewall!

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