Friday, June 09, 2006

CokeRewards progress - 477/850 - I'm jittery and only have to pee once every other day, but I can almost taste the Playstation 2. Also, I think I blacked out yesterday for about half an hour.

When I woke up, it was to the second most awesome news I'd heard all week.
Ok. So (company name deleted to comply with non-disclosure agreement) has this huge skyscraper downtown, right?
And they were planning to pull some of their computers and junk back there with the addition of this giant water cooling system they just installed on the roof.
And then they were testing it this morning and it leaked. On the roof. And I've already mentioned that it is giant.
To allow free laughter, I'll preface this with "no one was hurt".
So this leak is major and fast and thorough. And it sends extremely cold water down every elevator shaft until they fill up.
Everyone is evacuated by the stairs and power is shut off for the whole building to allow for a safe clean up.
For the time being, the entire trade floor staff is sharing desk space with me. And parking.
I seriously had to move my car from the front of the building to the back of the building as some kind of management driven gesture of welcome.
Plans for today include more Diet Coke and skipping a couple of meetings to "bond" with my new desk buddies. They will teach me the ins and outs of energy trading and I'll teach them how to delete one another's accounts.
I may also have fire extinguisher training, which I've been made to understand involves actual fires and the suppression of these fires. In real time! In the parking lot!
If I can make it through that without making jokes about the workload and how anyone forced to work with our sales staff should be an expert at fighting fires then I must be coming down with something.

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Andrew Moore said...

You, my friend, are the Garrison Keillor of the IT set.