Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I've been having fun with Instant Messenger at work. I'll share my joy here, step by step:

1. Start (or better yet wait for you victim to start) an IM converstation about something work-related. "Is there fresh coffee?" or "Can you print? I think the copier is hosed." are good places to start.

2. Leave your chat window open. You can close it with MSN Messenger, but I like to leave it open as a reminder to finish this project. I tend to drift.

3. Wait a few hours. Seriously, it works better if the other party has time to forget your earlier chat.

4. Resume the chat, though about something else --
a. So I keep stabbing him, but he is still making this weird wheezy noise, you know? So I drove over him again until he quit.
b. We are running out of crawlspace and I think the neighbors are starting to smell stuff.
c. we will see if the asshat is still laughing next time he starts his car, right?
d. I ate part of it but finger bones freak me out
e. i've got half a batch in my trunk but the tub had some kind of soap scum crap and it tastes like lilacs
f. I think it is infected. Normal human skin doesn't smell like that. Living human skin.
g. I'd never been that messed up at work before but I hate that customer so they deserve to have a drunk moving their data
h. so he doesn't take paypal for that because the feds are watching his account
i. what are you going to do with part of a puppy? do you still have the rest?

5. Pause

6. Type "Sorry, wrong chat window. Please disregard."

+h3 F1r5+ p4r+ 0f K1n6 H3nry +3h 51x+h
@c+ 1, 5c3|\|3 1


0, n0; wh3r31n |0rd +4|b0+ w45 0'3r+hr0wn:
+h3 c1rcum5+4nc3 1'|| +3|| y0u m0r3 4+ |4r63.
+h3 +3n+h 0f 4u6u5+ |45+ +h15 dr34dfu| |0rd,
R3+1r1n6 fr0m +h3 51363 0f 0r|34n5,
H4v1n6 fu|| 5c4rc3 51x +h0u54nd 1n h15 +r00p.
By +hr33 4nd +w3n+y +h0u54nd 0f +h3 Fr3nch
W45 r0und 3nc0mp4553d 4nd 53+ up0n.
N0 |315ur3 h4d h3 +0 3nr4nk h15 m3n;
H3 w4n+3d p1k35 +0 53+ b3f0r3 h15 4rch3r5;
1n5+34d wh3r30f 5h4rp 5+4k35 p|uck'd 0u+ 0f h3d635
+h3y p1+ch3d 1n +h3 6r0und c0nfu53d|y,
+0 k33p +h3 h0r53m3n 0ff fr0m br34k1n6 1n.
M0r3 +h4n +hr33 h0ur5 +h3 f16h+ c0n+1nu3d;
Wh3r3 v4|14n+ +4|b0+ 4b0v3 hum4n +h0u6h+
3n4c+3d w0nd3r5 w1+h h15 5w0rd 4nd |4nc3:
Hundr3d5 h3 53n+ +0 h3||, 4nd n0n3 dur5+ 5+4nd h1m;
H3r3, +h3r3, 4nd 3v3ry wh3r3, 3nr463d h3 f|3w:
+h3 Fr3nch 3xc|41m'd, +h3 d3v1| w45 1n 4rm5;
4|| +h3 wh0|3 4rmy 5+00d 464z3d 0n h1m:
H15 50|d13r5 5py1n6 h15 und4un+3d 5p1r1+
4 +4|b0+! 4 +4|b0+! cr13d 0u+ 4m41n
4nd ru5h'd 1n+0 +h3 b0w3|5 0f +h3 b4++|3.
H3r3 h4d +h3 c0nqu35+ fu||y b33n 534|'d up,
1f 51r J0hn F45+0|f3 h4d n0+ p|4y'd +h3 c0w4rd:
H3, b31n6 1n +h3 v4w4rd, p|4c3d b3h1nd
W1+h purp053 +0 r3|13v3 4nd f0||0w +h3m,
C0w4rd|y f|3d, n0+ h4v1n6 5+ruck 0n3 5+r0k3.
H3nc3 6r3w +h3 63n3r4| wr3ck 4nd m4554cr3;
3nc|053d w3r3 +h3y w1+h +h31r 3n3m135:
4 b453 W4||00n, +0 w1n +h3 D4uph1n'5 6r4c3,
+hru5+ +4|b0+ w1+h 4 5p34r 1n+0 +h3 b4ck,
Wh0m 4|| Fr4nc3 w1+h +h31r ch13f 4553mb|3d 5+r3n6+h
Dur5+ n0+ pr35um3 +0 |00k 0nc3 1n +h3 f4c3.

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