Sunday, June 25, 2006

Game night was awesome, as always.
Our 'Werewolf: The Forsaken' chronicle barrels onward.
Following last week's nasty fight at the cathedral, the survivors were left to pick up and start over.
Last night was all about establishing territory all over again and building back a chain of authority.
Nothing can kill a campaign quite as completely as long drawn-out political discussion, but Darrell kept things moving fast enough for everyone to be involved.
Also, I grilled.
I challenged everyone to a late-night ghost hunt later this week and I'm waiting to see who backs out. I've been digging at websites to find spooky semi-local spots.
Ghost hunting seems like a logical (and inexpensive) night time thing to do.
It turns out the road right behind our subdivision has a history of spookiness.
Also, we are only a few miles from a creepy bridge.
We may even make it over to an old hospital if we are feeling brave or drunk.

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Andrew Moore said...

RE: Ghost hunting

Dude - what a great idea! I've always wanted to do something like that! I have a friend out here who does UFO "stake-outs" out in the desert. I think it'd be fun even if the whole thing is a bust and nothing happens!

Of course, knowing you, something cool will happen and it'll make for a great story!

I remember the story about that time you and Danny were driving through Texas and lost two hours. Weird!