Friday, June 16, 2006

CokeRewards progress - 731/850 - I have to end this soon. I'm thirsty all the time. I've got cotton-mouth worse than any time I've woken up after a night of drinking with my face in the carpet. Diet Coke is a non-fluid for me at this point. Zero calories but far from healthy, my friends.
I just want a drink of water, but I know that drinking anything not Diet Coke just prolongs this nightmare.
Adrian kicked in points yesterday in a fit of awesomeness.

Last night Joe dragged over his Playstation 2. I've played on one a total of about 20 minutes in my life, so it helps to keep the goal in sight.
We played Gauntlet until almost 11. "Blue Jester needs sleep badly."
I've got a question . . .
Excluding any readers who may have worked at Enron, how often do your co-workers call in "arrested"?
Yesterday marked the third time I've seen since November - a different employee each time.
Is "bail" a traditional benefit? Should I concentrate on the 401k and dental or explore bail if it is part of the package?
Ok. That's three questions, but they kind of flowed together. Asking extra questions isn't illegal. The people I work with are apparently experts on the workings of the penal code.
Side note: "Penal code" is more fun to say than type. While writing this, I said it out loud several times to make up for it. Also, it gets funnier the more you say it.
I'm sketchy on the details, but the work phone rang and I answered it to hear, "You have received a collect phone call from the Harris County Jail from (soft click) Hey man, this is (co-worker name deleted). Answer the phone. (soft click) To refuse the call, hang up now."
He wanted to talk to my manager, who left soon after the call.
Also yesterday featured new issues of "52" and "Marvel Civil War".
The latest issue of "Marvel Civil War" is a landmark comic.
I was asked yesterday who is on the side of registration and who opposes. Almost everyone is involved in the conflict, but some of the key supporters of disclosing identities are Spider Man, Iron Man, Mr. Fantastic, Thing, Bishop, Colossus, Wasp and Wonder Man. The opposition includes Captain America, Nick Fury, Cable, She-Hulk, Wolverine, Cloak and Dagger and maybe The Invisible Woman and The Human Torch.
Today, my plans are to do as little as possible to retain employment . . . well, maybe a little less.
I also stocked up on (shudder) Diet Coke on my way in, so I'll be drinking that.


Pamela Moore said...

I think you're at far greater risk of going into a Diet Coke coma than you are going to jail, no matter how many crims you work with.

We thought about getting some Diet Coke to help you, but we shuddered at the thought of actually drinking it. Maybe we can get a bottle and pour it out on the ground.

You've awakened the comic book nerd that lay dormant in my husband. Thank you. Now he's slipping off to the comic book store while I'm at work and coming home with comics I don't recognize from my youth. Next thing I know, he'll be hooking up a vein to some Diet Coke to get a game thingy.

Garrick said...

Don't stress over it. I'm going to muscle through the rest of the points as quickly as possible and then de-tox.
After this month I wouldn't wish diet coke on anyone.
Comic book 'geek' is contagious, eh? Or at least prone to exposure related flare ups?
This is probably poorly documented as most comic fans tend to isolate themselves in colonies, naturally limiting transmission. These colonies are known by many names including "geek store" and "basement".