Saturday, June 17, 2006

So less than a month to reach the goal and Coke will take eight to ten weeks to get me my Playstation?
In this case, the journey may be better than the destination.
Special thanks go to Joe and Adrian for each pitching in points entered this morning, my lovely spouse Shana for bringing back points from her visit with family and Andrew for flinging me the final three points that completed the project.
I appreciate everyone who contributed. My kidneys also really appreciate it.
As I slowly dehydrated over the past month, I reflected on why I would do this to myself.
Someone said (it escapes me who said it, but my brain is seriously powdery-dry) that anything that isn't related to survival or reproduction is art.
By that definition of art, my drinking way more Diet Coke than is healthy could not qualify more.
My Diet Coke "Art Project" complete, we can now get back to geekery in earnest. And I can drink coffee and water again. Mmmmmm . . . Water.


Andrew Moore said...

Ah crap ... you should have videotaped the whole ordeal for a "Super Size Me" style documentary!

Any chance of you starting over?

Garrick said...

No chance in Hell, my friend. I'm too looking forward to peeing like regular people.

Anonymous said...

Just out of curiousity, did you spend more on diet cokes than you would have spent on just buying the playstation outright???


Garrick said...

It was way more about art than about math. ;)