Saturday, June 24, 2006

I just posted this on my Reef Message Board:

"Public apology -

Hey everybody,

I was scheduled to be a stop on the tour today, but yesterday I got back from a short trip to find all three circulation pumps and my return pump dead.
The tank looks really pretty nasty and there was a lot of splashing and flooding while I tried to get everything going again last night.
The return pump is also making a loud sucking noise which is depressing from wherever I am in the house.

Until last night, the tank was too boring to comment much on. I think the water quality is still pretty good (I tested last night but not yet today) and while I expect a small spike, I doubt any lasting damage was done.
The timing was just really the worst possible and I apologize for messing up the tour today.



There is a LOT of gunk that can get stirred up in a healthy reef tank.
Shana and I are still trying to figure out what to do with ourselves. I was voted down on the crime spree plan.
Boredom has set in.
Last night I woke up at about three and the cat who normally sleeps next to me was silent. Since she normally snores (deviated septum) I reached over to verify that she was breathing. I couldn't feel her ribs moving and she was cold to the touch.
Of course, I freaked out and shook her, which she did not appreciate. The annoyed look I got was much better than her being dead.
Her fur was just cold because she was sleeping right under the ceiling fan.
I know. This story probably belonged in the cat blog, but since it involved me being scared of the dark and death I decided to put it here.
There may be a game tonight, but no one has responded to me about it.

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