Wednesday, June 14, 2006

CokeRewards progress - 617/850 - For anyone keeping score at home, that means I drank 200 ounces of Diet Coke on Tuesday.
Sadly, I also had a few cans when I got home from work.

Sometimes I like to watch bad movies. Other times I like to give bad movies a second chance. On purpose.
Tuesday night I decided to verify my memory and validate or refute the opinion of every nerd on the planet.
It has been said that an infinite number of monkeys, given an infinite amount of time, could randomly type the complete works of William Shakespeare.
If this is true, then The Matrix 3: Revolutions is a five monkey 15 minute job.
"Hey! Plot holes can be glossed over! These people are just here for the fight sequences! If the cast changes are too obvious, we'll pretend we meant to do that!"
Any movie review that starts with, "the special effects were great" and ends with "but the special effects were great" is probably a crap movie. For some reason, I prefer cheap crap movies.
In its defense, it is only 129 minutes.
After subjecting myself to that, I headed for health food with my friends. Coffee late at night is awesome. Especially when work starts at six a.m. the following morning.
We talked about politics and world events. We talked about work and relationships. We talked about comic books and Saturday morning cartoons from the 80's.
A semi-extensive search this morning leaves me with no factual reason for the cancellation of the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon - just a bunch of conspiracy theories. I suppose blaming the Illuminati helps some people put a label on the inexplicable. In the end, I guess "why?" is an unimportant question. At least you can read the script for the final, never produced episode here. After that, don't dig too deeply. I suspect the episode is cursed.
I got home a little after midnight, drank some vodka and got all weepy listening to Sting.
Just a quick public response to an email I got and an apology/explanation:
In short, I'm trying to write about stuff that I find (and I hope others find) funny or at least interesting. At the moment, work is neither of those things.
As weird/amusing/important stuff happens, I'll share.
For instance, last week I literally dressed like a superhero and saved everyone from the Microsoft goons. It was a good time, and you can expect the full story this week sometime.
It beats blogging about the cats, right?

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