Tuesday, June 13, 2006

CokeRewards progress - 587/850 - I also got my first Coke reward points via text message! Thank you, Leslea.

As predicted yesterday, I snapped pretty quickly due to boredom.
I've created a spin-off blog to keep everyone up to date on the cats. The cats who are my only source of company while my family is away. How sad. I fear I've become one of those people.
It happens so quickly. At least I've had the decency to split it off into a different page. Your thanks should be in the form of Coke Reward points.
A Playstation 2 would keep a person busy enough to not blog about his cats.
Enough threats.
Joss Whedon is awesome.
Not only did he create and write Firefly, he is currently saving the X-Men.
He is writing for the spin off series 'Astounding X-Men', which oddly enough is the main storyline.
Ok. So Cyclops, Shadowcat, Wolverine, the Beast and Emma Frost (former bad guy) are the roster at the start of the series. Jean Grey is dead (as she is statistically 55% of the time) and most of the other non-students are off on other X teams.
The first storyline centers around a newly developed cure for mutation. It has been done. Done to death, even. But Whedon makes it compelling somehow.
He has a way of covering interaction between characters that is surprising and instantly comfortable.
Wolverine comments on the intimate relationship between Cyclops and Emma Frost: "So tell me . . . Which stage of grieving is this? Denial?" and is promptly blasted onto the front lawn.
Some of the best lines are reserved for Emma Frost herself as she deals with Scott's lingering Jean Grey issues: "The woman was no good for you."
Cyclops: "Attacking her is never gonna --"
Emma Frost: "Right. Right. Base defilement. Jean Grey is a sacred cow. (and a quieter) At least we agree on half of that."
Whedon manages to move the basic mutant/non-mutant issue past the civil rights argument it has always been based on. He modernizes it, but leaves the point the same.
When confronting the doctor who developed the cure, Emma Frost says, "Nothing but noble intentions. Yes. You're a veritable Oppenheimer. What's next? Eliminating the gay gene?"
Dr. Rao: "Homosexuality doesn't represent a threat to human existence."
Emma Frost: "We're clearly watching different televangelists."
In short, Astonishing X-Men = w00+!!
Joe and I caught a 6:45 showing of Silent Hill at the $1.50, scary as hell, cash only cinema.
I never played the associated video game and only knew going into it that there were weird creatures chasing people in the dark. I'm all about weird creatures chasing people in the dark, so it seemed like a pretty sure bet.
So, the creatures were scary. And they did chase people. A lot.
The cinematography was pretty creepy and the scenery alone was enough to give me bad dreams. A lot of the movie gave me that feeling I get on the way up a rollercoaster when I'm thinking, "This is dumb. Why am I here? I hate being scared. This is going to throw me around and shake me and turn me upside down and I'm going to freak out about maybe being one of those people who lose a shoe and close down the ride for fifteen minutes" just before I get dropped off something and actually enjoy the ride. Only there was no ride.
Suspense built and built and built. Scary scary stuff happened. I hated the ending.
The best part had to have been the little girl dancing in the rain of blood -- but that is true in most movies.
If the director was looking to confirm my desire to never visit West Virginia . . . I'd call Silent Hill a success.
Also, it is a lot scarier late at night when I am home alone. At one point about 4:30 this morning, I flinched because of a noise in the kitchen and flung one of the cats into the air to clatter down onto my laptop. I apologized, but I'm pretty sure she went and peed on something I own just to clarify her feelings.
In her place, I'd have done exactly the same thing.
Plans for today include continued awesomeness and a lot of Diet Coke.


Anonymous said...

Oh God, when does Shana come home??? A cat blog Garrick??? - shakes head.... why not a fish tank blog?


Andrew Moore said...

Yikes, dude. When Pamela skips town, I just get drunk on the couch listening to Sting's "Mercury Falling" over and over and over ("I'm so happy that I/Can't stop crying ...")
Hey man, it'll be okay.
(Do you need me to FedEX over my Sting CD?)

Garrick said...

Holy crap! You're right!
I have that CD! And vodka!
Andrew, you are a life-saver!

Also, Up to Bat is geek-tastic this week.