Friday, June 23, 2006

So Gwynyth is completely leaving town today and we are pretty sad about it.
She is going to stay with her grandfather for a week or so. Actually, we are pretty fuzzy on the return date.
Shana hasn't been apart from her for this long since they were physically connected, so there is a little anxiety there. Also, we haven't had a lot of evenings where we don't need to drag Gwynyth to the tattoo parlour with us or make it home early to let the sitter know that she can go home and that whatever happened is probably pretty normal for our kid.
Suddenly, we have evenings as a playground.
It is a given that we will be attending Micron's House Warming Party. It shouldn't matter that we have no idea who in the hell "Micron" is. His new place is close to us, kind of. Plus, we don't have to worry about that skank Leanna showing up. Don't you just hate her? I know Micron and I have a "No Leanna" policy.
Seriously, I think pool may be played at some point. As we've covered, I suck at pool but alcohol helps. We may attend some movies with cursing that start after it gets dark. Maybe even scary non-princess-centric movies.
We need to do something. One of the TVs in the NOCC was playing a commercial for a lawnmower and I was really impressed. I went to the website and ordered a catalog, people. I don't think I've ever felt older.
We need to break into the community pool at midnight and then steal someone's lawn goose.
We must go shopping at Super Target at 1:30am and laugh when the store detective starts shadowing us.
We can light a huge fire in the fire pit and dance around it like ancient druids (no offense to any currently practicing druids and I'm sorry about the nerf to your Dungeons and Dragons class) while grilling food, drinking wine, and singing Irish pub songs.
But what do we do tomorrow night?
Oh yeah. This Saturday night may be game night . . . So it is pretty much a repeat of the steps outlined above, but with dice and not getting up.
I'm still slogging through Crisis on Infinite Earths. I'm at the point where I'm really just ready for the anti-matter to go ahead and destroy everything just to stop the whining.
I'm also reading a game novel which I can't get into and the House of M X-Men storyline which I got in electronic format.
I believe that learning is a life-long progress. Right now, I'm just learning about meta-humans and mutants.
Plans for today include work, meetings and avoiding work and meetings followed by sending my daughter off for vacation and the steps detailed above.
Plus drinking, probably.

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Whoop! Adult play time ;)