Friday, January 05, 2007

I broke down and decided to join the other 11 billion people playing World of Warcraft online.
At the moment, it seems like approximately 10 billion of them are on the overcrowded server I chose (Blackwater Raiders) but I wanted a game that is Mac-user friendly for cross-platform action with my friends who have made "the switch".
So far, I like it. I killed an owl and have been making a few silver pieces a night hunting spiders on the side of The Alliance. I no longer have a frame of reference which would tell me if that is more or less cool than it sounds.
I've been mocked by friends for not joining the evil Horde but, in all fairness, the Horde races are all terribly unattractive and it seemed too much of a stretch for me to pull off even with two-and-a-half decades of role-playing experience and a Theatre degree.
Ugly just isn't in my range.
If anyone wants to try out the free 10-day trial and run around the newbie area with me, I'll be surprised.
Also, the new expansion pack is scheduled to release in the middle of the month, so there looks to be a lot to actually do in-game, as well as (reportedly) a new, non-ugly Horde race. I'll be the judge of non-ugly, thank you.
We are back in full-on Ebay mode again following a break for the holidays. No one buys stuff on Ebay in late December. I plan to use that to my advantage this December by buying stuff for the starting bid and laughing maniacally.
I find the amount of remaining Star Wars toys in the spare bedroom almost comedic in the way only a small mountain of PVC marketing tie-ins can pull off.
Selling it off bit by bit is kind of like watching a lounge magician pull the never-ending handkerchief out of his sleeve in a hypnotic swirl of colors and lightsaber swing action.
Mmmm . . . Lightsaber swing action.
I can't bring myself to unload my "Force Choke Lord Vader".

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