Monday, January 22, 2007

I'm getting old and soft.
Friday night, after a full day of work, we started our planned outage at midnight.
Most everything went as planned, but I still didn't leave the parking garage until almost 4am.
This overnight outage seems to have gone differently than the all-night cram-fests of my younger days.
I remember (vaguely, through a haze of age and alcohol) the all-nighter as just about the only way to actually get anything done since high school.
Nighttime is free from the distractions provided by diurnal peoples or, as we call them in my family, "the Normals". A person can wave off sleep with stimulants (hello, Coke Reward Points) and churn through work as though he has caught it, too, sleeping.
I could even (sometimes) make it to an 8am class following one of these, provided I walked straight there and didn't pause to "rest my eyes" before heading out.
Friday completely destroyed me for two days.
After sleeping until around noon on Saturday, I woke up in a malleable but slightly cranky state. Coffee (Shana is wise enough to have kept a constant pot going, knowing I'd need it immediately upon stirring) brought me around to a condition where I could function and communicate, but make no decisions. I mean absolutely no decisions.
I moved around for the following day-and-a-half, doing stuff and following my family around, but effectively unable to identify my own desires and opinions.
"What would you like to do about lunch?"
My blank stare at this question probably got annoying pretty quickly, but I honestly didn't know!
My internal clock (I thought I'd thrown that out years ago) was so messed up it felt like I'd left most of my higher functions (such as they are) in one of the server racks.
I checked this morning. I don't think they are here.
Maybe I left them in the car?
Plans for today include some stuff, followed by something else, with a possible break in the middle for Diet Coke.


Nathan said...

I feel ya. After sleeping for 3-4 hours a night all week. My body goes into sleep starvation mode on Saturday and sometimes I sleep till 3-4PM. That usually screws me up till Monday morning.

Garrick said...

Sleeping in is completely Airwolf.