Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Yesterday I think we all learned an important lesson about time off. And never trusting a machine to do the work of an actual person. And possibly about the smugness of the new Athlon portable chipset.
What we did not learn, was the truth.
In the interest of disclosure, I'm posting this from my work laptop.
I'd like to address a few points:

1. Modern chips and Operating Systems are capable of appearing to seamlessly perform more than one task at once. A little file monitoring, some web surfing, and World of Warcraft (a two-year-old game) are well within the bounds of reasonable requests. Also, some guys at work and I are starting a guild on the Duskwood server, which should be both 1337 and ub3r, though not necessarily in that order.
2. Your fans are weirdly placed to cool your graphics chip, hard drive and CPU. No current laptop cooler can line up correctly. Until I can score one of those sweet new Belkin curved laptop coolers, you will have to make do with my fanning across your surface with the latest Marvel Civil War comic.
3. I have 1,669 Coke Reward points at the moment. Ridicule me all you like, it keeps me cool. Unlike you and your laptop cooler.
4. I'm technically evaluating Vista for work. Your hardware, while not stamped with a Vista sticker, is more than up to date enough to run it.
5. A World Writable FTP share is the least guilt-inducing method of acquiring random zero-day stuff off the Internet. Some enterprising teenager in Holland finds the share and loads it with software install files. As soon as I see my uploads go through the roof, I know he has forwarded the link to his friends to access my share. At that point, I kill the service and keep the stuff.
I've got whole directories of content I've never had time to comb through and translate from Dutch. Sometimes someone uploads a virus. Big deal. That is why you have the Avast Anti Virus program.
6. Those Winx Club episodes are for our daughter. Mostly.
7. That cat loves you. She sleeps on you to share your abundant warmth. Ignore the fur. The rest of us do.

The important thing everyone should come away with is this:

World of Warcraft. Duskwood server. New Ub3r-1337 guild of supreme awesomeness. Track me down in the area with the rest of the evil horde. I'll be the Blood Elf primping near every reflective surface.

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