Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I want to start today by asking you one simple but powerful question. It's a question I ask myself every single day, every morning over my favorite quint-shot venti breve latte, every single morning whether I'm just rolling out of my 1200-thread-count Nigerian cotton sheets or flying across the Pacific on my chartered jet. It's a question that will shed light on your motivation, your will to power, your very essence:

"What am I doing right this very minute to engineer the possibility of the reality of my dreams of success?"

When you ask yourself this question over and over, as I have, you start to gain incredible insights into your consciousness as a proactive being. Imagination becomes reality. Frustration becomes success. Morning becomes 40% less of a total downer. And the answer, my friends, the answer to all of your questions is about to be totally revealed. The gate swings open on the way forward, and all you need is the courage to follow it. Here it comes. The prime directive, my friends:

Be where you say you will be, when you say you will be there.

This simple idea, this is why you signed up for this course. I could've just printed that on posters, put them up everywhere, and saved you twelve-hundred dollars. But that wouldn't pay the mortgage on my winter home in Aruba, now would it?

And the best way to enact this envisionment is to arm yourself. Arm yourself with determination, yes. Arm yourself with wisdom, of course. And Nerf. Or even wadded up technical documentation. But most of all, arm yourself with the integrated calendar function of Google Mail.

Success waits for no man. Success might wait for a lady, but only a very hot one. And even then, it'll only wait so long. The Google Calendar tracks my appointments by my contacts. The tired old Office 2007 Outlook noise can keep itself organized on its own time. If I'm late for that appointment, if I miss out on that big chance, I'll have only my own unseriousness and sloth to blame.

You have to want it, my friends. If the Google Calendar pages your BlackBerry and says it's time to go and you haven't brushed your teeth, grab a bottle of Peppermint Schnapps on the way. If the Google Calendar tells you to run, you say "I'm in I.T. We never run." Do you want freedom, to get out of the maze, to say screw the scientists (and their shady "method") and get out there and find your own cheese? Obey the Google Calendar. Because you can't know what you're doing right this very minute to engineer the possibility of the reality of your dreams of success unless you know what this minute is.

Coke Reward Points : 1,777

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