Sunday, January 14, 2007

This is Shana's new cat, the cat we named Bayo.

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Bayo is an African word meaning "Happiness is found". We actually found her at an official cat show. I'd never been to one of those, mostly because cat people are crazy, possibly dangerous and almost certainly on special lists kept in Government Databases.

I'd have to say we like her. She is a tad bit . . .excitable at times. I've found the best way to calm her down is to promise to warn Harry Potter not to go back to Hogwarts.

I have no idea why this works, but the amount of rogue bludgers flying around upstairs has dropped by about 20% since we started telling her that we'd sent Mr. Potter another owl.

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As an experiement, I have given her several socks. She is still here.


Anonymous said...

Dobby is used to death threats, he gets them five times a day at home.

Pamela Moore said...

New cat = w00+!