Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Tuesday morning I grabbed a Coke Zero on my way out of the house and downed it on the trip in. After moving a few servers back and forth for the Disaster Recovery project, I had a cup of coffee.
Then I needed more cola.
I walked across the cubicle hall to enlist Nathan in a trip across the rainy street in the cold for Diet Coke. Usually, we make that trip together. Tuesday was not one of those days.
With a look out the fogged-over window, he recommended that I just visit the cafe on the 9th floor. I think he may have offered to ride down with me.
Either way, I declined.
"I'm protesting the price hike."
"Price hike?" he asked.
"They jacked up the price of Diet Coke eleven cents. I refuse to shop there on principle."
He considered. "It isn't much of a protest if they don't know about it."
"I'll make a freaking sign later! Right now I need Diet Coke!"
My tone was nastier than I'd intended. To cover my shame, I walked out into the cold alone.
I returned and went back to work. I wrapped myself in a thick sheet of denial, refusing to let my dread about the afternoon meeting spoil my caffeine buzz.
Our Disaster Recovery Consultant had snared all of us for the time slot from one to three for another "high level" meeting.
As she closed the door on the darkened post-lunch conference room, she confided in us. Apparently, we, the server team, will be the main people involved in the Disaster Recovery plan for the servers. Remember, as I do, that she is making an effort to not think of us as "people".
Anyway, we sat and listened. I learned that she gives lectures on Disaster Recovery. I learned that during one of them.
I vigorously defended my portion of the plan.
The consultant moved to the white board and began to diagram the implantation of our pre- and post- meteor strike/Pirate attack/Rabid bat invasion networks.
Things were upgraded and downgraded in priority, seemingly at random.
She began to question our mail set up.
With the preface "at a high level", she began to grill our Exchange admin on his design and the various components.
The diagram began to sprawl across the white board like a bacterial culture in a Petrie dish.
Finally, in an effort to seem participatory, our Exchange admin burst out with, "Do you want high-level or do you want details?!? I'll give you details!"
In his defense, he didn't intend to sound so harsh. He also gave me 60 Coke Reward points earlier this week. Thanks, Manny.
Either way, the meeting broke apart five minutes later. For that, we are all grateful.


Anonymous said...

What are you trying to win with Coke rewards this time again?


Garrick said...

I was going for a camera at 6,999 points, but they sold out. It looks like the MP3 player at 2,600 points will sell out before I get there. There isn't much else.
I honestly have no idea at this point.
Wow. Even I am saddened by that.

katy said...

Dude. I've *been* throw a rabid bat invasion.

At an inner-city middle school.

Yeah, nothing says hysterical teens like a bat or three in the classroom.