Thursday, January 11, 2007

Well, crap. As if I didn't already have enough to do, Disney (Freakin' Disney, who has already taken an estimated 80% of my pre-tax salary for the past seven years in exchange for Princess-themed whatever) has announced that they are entering the Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game market by the end of 2007 with a game using the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.
Pirates? Online? Unfair!
Seriously, how am I supposed to resist that?
Also, since the next movie is rumored to be set in Asia, there is the distinct possibility of ninja action. In fact, I don't see any way to avoid ninja action.
To sum up:

1. Pirates
2. Ninjas
3. Online action

The geek trifecta. My father already bought shares in Disney for Gwynyth years ago, so her college expenses should be pretty much in the bag partially courtesy of my monthly access fees between now and then.
At the moment, details of the actual game are sketchy. However, even graphics consisting of stick figures labeled "pirate", "ninja" and "chef" should be enough to ensure a healthy geek population for the life of the game. If, in fact, there is such a thing as a "healthy geek".
Disney also has the cash to do the game right. I should know, I've given them enough.
Anyway, if they keep to the schedule posted, look for me in-game with the username "Cap'n Teabagger".
Until then, the World of Warcraft has captured my renowned and notoriously lightning-quick attention span.
Having reached level 14, I'm given to calling other players "n3wbs" with increasing frequency, especially when they have done nothing to deserve it.
In other news, I just checked my account and have amassed over 1,200 Diet Coke Reward Points since cashing in 850 for a PlayStation 2.
I also picked up a copy of EverQuest and a subscription to Cosmo.
Currently, there is nothing worth spending points on, so I'm just diligently entering my codes every day and hoping they add some good stuff soon.
It would cost 2,600 points for an MP3 player from Sony which would pale in comparison to my trusty iPod Shuffle. I'd give up the project entirely were I not so completely physically addicted to Diet Coke anyway.
I'm not holding my breath that with the close partnership Coke seems to have with Sony I'll be able to pick up a Nintendo Wii with Reward Points anytime soon.
With the PS3 currently clogging store shelves around here, it might make the list (at an outrageous point count) if the promotion lasts long enough.
I was thirsty anyway.


Katy said...

-I will be giggling all day over 'geek trifecta'.

-Do you still want other people's coke codes? I don't use the suckers...(warning, I'm not the addict you are.)

-Sorry to hear about your granddad. That said, start sharing the stories.

Garrick said...


I can definitely use Coke codes if you just have them laying around. Even with no goal in mind it still somehow feels like progress.

I may post a few stories later on.
Between World War 2 and sixty years of law practice in a small southern town it is difficult to choose what to tell.