Thursday, January 25, 2007

You know what word I hate for no rational reason?
I hate that word. It is not only a completely made up glopped-together mix of two other words, the whole "Webinar" concept seems to be an attempt to fancy-up a Power Point presentation.
Wednesday I attended a "Webinar" all about Citrix Farm Scaling in the Enterprise Computing Environment.
It wasn't as exciting as it sounds.
It occupied an hour of my life most people would use for lunch, but I'm entered to win a set of Legos for attending. Castle Legos, even. One of the big awesome sets.
While the presenter droned on about the latest WAN Appliance, I mentally drifted back to the World of Warcraft.
Somehow I sensed that Wednesday would be my day. Finally, the Burning Crusade expansion pack would appear, delivered from Barnes and Noble thanks to my mother and her well-timed Christmas Gift Certificate.
I wasn't, at first, planning to buy it. The opportunity to play as one of two new races and explore unknown continents of game content was too much to resist.
Also, there is something the box refers to as "Five-Man Content", which I expect is squad-based combat and not as pornographic as it sounds.
And yes, today was my day. After slogging through four disks of installation files (the DVD version was not available at the time I ordered) and sitting through what seemed like a couple of hours of patches (Windows Vista hates applications that handle their own patching) I was more than ready to create my new character on the server known as Duskwood (in case you missed that in an earlier post).
As much as I'd like to claim I'm able to resist the marketing hype surrounding the world's largest Massively Multiplayer Online Game, anyone who knows me knows that slapping "New" on the box is like a glowing neon "Buy Me" sign hard-wired directly to the over-developed purchase center of my brain.
The Diet Coke soaked husk of my "shell self" rapidly gave way to my true inner warrior. Azeroth needs me. My soon forming guild needs me.
Those Manaworms aren't going to kill themselves, you know.
Ok. This is the last time I'll mention it this post:
World of Warcraft. Duskwood server.
Look for the Blood Elf Hunter named "Webinara".


Anonymous said...

I left you a comment against my better judgment and it disappeared.

I am glad I didn't make the mistake of tellig you about the game that one guy said swallowed more of his time than anything in 2006.


Andrew Moore said...

"You know what word I hate for no rational reason?"

Dude, I could make a list of those words my NaNoWriMo entry for 2007.