Friday, April 25, 2008

April 25


Happy Birthday, Shana!

The personal party I'm throwing from five states away is a bit lame, with snacks limited to matzo and peanut butter for Passover and the disturbing lack of a guest of honor, but I'm celebrating as much as circumstances permit.

By way of updates on the new global headquarters of Pr3++yG33kyTh1ng Worldwide Amalgamated Internet Heresy And All Night Final Destination For Old Television, it could be better.

They came and made the bed and took my towels and washcloths and bath mat, which was nice.

The subsequent replacement of the towels and washcloths and bathmat would have made it ideal, or even the availability of Housekeeping Services to replace my missing bath stuff during the hours when I can meet them. Dripping dry loses its appeal after a couple of days. Or I suspect that it soon will, anyway.

I finally got a computer on a table of my very own at work today. I used it for email and reviewing documentation all day when I wasn't in meetings.

I also discovered a section in the Employee Handbook which talked about strict adherence to processes and procedures. The area was titled "Maintain an Attitude of Healthy Discontent". While it went into detail, the important part was that even a new person should question and complain loudly when confronted with something dumb, which flies in the face of every place I've ever worked. Our mandate is to follow intelligent processes and change the dumb ones. In fact, there are weekly meetings in the executive area where they review and modify dumb processes.

On the downside, the chicken quesadillas in cafeteria seem to have corn in them, but on the plus side they are only $2.75 with a drink.

Yes, Darrell, I spend part of every day looking for references to the giant super laser code named "Project Moonbreaker". 

Happy Birthday, Shana. I miss you.

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