Tuesday, April 01, 2008




In addition to the literally dozens of people who visit Pr3++yG33kyTh1ng every year, there are apparently some visitors from the legal department at my job.

So I've decided to (at the request of council) explain a little bit about legal liability in blogging to provide valid societal purpose to this silly little unknown blog which is never visited by our clients.

The definitions of slander and liable are subject to philosophical debate, though not necessarily legal debate. The contents of Internet postings, as well as that of legitimate writing, do seem to subject the author to legal scrutiny and possible eventual monetary penalty and/or jail time.

Also, it upsets the people mentioned and makes a bad situation even worse.

Disputes in the workplace should be handled with direct, non-physical communication between the parties involved and with a company appointed mediator if a resolution is not forthcoming and our high standard of productivity and teamwork is at risk.

The continued production of a good customer-focused environment is and always has been the primary goal of all employees and contractors employed at my workplace (which I am morally and legally bound to not name).

Yesterday's post was satire. The names and events were fictionalized.

There are no process holes which I have discovered and everyone I have encountered here has behaved in a manner which conveys the strictest professionalism and human decency I have been fortunate enough to work with, ever.

Posting fictional things on the Internet is childish and a waste of company time and resources.

I was wrong to behave so unprofessionally.

Also, "Internet" should be capitalized.

Thank you.


Jane said...

Your company's legal team must be extremely bored.

That Guy said...

Awesome. Totally Awesome... Lucky for everyone they didn't see what you wrote about that time that thing happened. You know the one with the guy. Think he was dating that girl at the time.
Btw are you still in Texas?

Garrick said...

I'm in Texas until the 17th, I think.

E.to.the.H said...

What a crock of shit.

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