Monday, April 14, 2008

So Very Not Paid


So I quit my job, right? Only I agreed to keep doing it until this Thursday, right? And I was surprisingly (and unjustifiably) kind in my decidedly PG-13 resignation letter, right?

But then they told me to go home, with the understanding that I'd be paid throughout my period of notice in return for not using my short-time status to break a bunch of stuff.

And then they stopped paying me. Totally.

And didn't tell me they stopped paying me. I only found out when I got my check stub.

So I fired off an email as follows:

To: IT Director, CEO, Owner, and the recruiter who got me into this

Mr. (redacted),

I've gotten what I can only assume is my final payment from (company name deleted), though it does not reflect payment throughout my period of notice.
I was willing to work, as my email stated, through Thursday of this
week, the 17th. I had every intention of continuing to perform my
duties in good faith until (redacted) sent me home on Tuesday.
If the policy at (company name deleted) is to release resigning employees without paying them money owed, I would suggest updating the Employee Handbook to reflect that notice should not be given if employment is terminated by the employee. It would have been better if I had walked out on the afternoon of the 17th and simply never gone back.
If you would like at any time to conduct an exit interview I am
available for that.




And then I started drinking.

Four hours later, the recruiter called to register her distress and ask what brought about my resignation.

Sometimes honesty is not only the best policy, it is also fun. Oh, how I let her know (as she took notes) what a horrible unproductive nightmare of a workplace it was. I pulled no punches. I told stories which left her unable to vocalize responses. I gave accurate timelines. I provided quotes. I noted that her's was the only response to my email because my former employer is a haven for cowards and knee-biting sycophants who abhor face-to-face confrontation as though they were abused street dogs.

I said, "It is my opinion that this is not a way to motivate people. It is a fact that it is not a way to motivate me." and thought it should go on a coffee mug somewhere.

I also suggested that they stop taking a dump in a toaster and expecting me to believe it is a Pop-Tart.

She offered to find another job for me, and I declined.

There is nothing she or anyone can do to get my money out of these petty, selfish, nasty asshats (Texas is a Right-To-Work state) but I can stop being nice about it whenever I like.

And I like right freaking now.


Darrell said...

Sorry about the Poop- Tart. They Suck, you Rule!

Ted said...

So I guess this rules out getting together for lunch!