Friday, April 11, 2008

Random Stuff


Our friend Sabrina came over yesterday and helped us a LOT with the whole "OMG we has to sell the house" project. It was awesome, srsly.

Today, Shana and I are still at it. Our only help today is from the cats, which is about as unlike help as one can get.

Tonight I'm skipping Temple to attend a book signing in Rice Village at Murder By The Book.

I've talked about Scott Sigler in the past. He is the guy who releases his novels for free online in "Podiobook" format. Some publisher decided that they could sell in print what he was giving away in audio file and it looks like it is working.

I'm glad to get to attend a book signing before I head off to a smaller, less tour-worthy location.

Sigler's books are generally gory, sci-fi horror novels, and this book tour is for Infected which used to be called Infection before someone copywrighted that word for some movie or something. When I first listened to Infection, thoughts of chicken scissors made me shudder involuntarily. Though it has been several months since I listened, I still can't go near the things.

After the signing, I hope to get together with my friends Adrian, Darrell and Mike for coffee before I leave town.

Saturday morning is my big "Communication in the Workplace" presentation at Lee College. I have decided to also cover the resignation process and interview tips.

Here is one:

It is illegal for an employer to ask an interviewee if they have ever been involved in litigation against an employer, therefore the proper answer is always, "No, but I consider myself open to new experiences."

Finally, I read an article online about a species of tree-dwelling ant in South America which, when knocked or blown off a leaf, can angle their legs to glide and direct their falls toward the trunk of the tree, ensuring that they can make their way back to the colony. The research into this evolutionary trick has just gotten more funding, but the important thing to learn here is that someone has been, and will continue to be, making money for dropping ants and watching them fall.

Dream big, people. Someone is willing to pay someone else to do just about whatever.

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Scott Sigler said...

FLYING FREAKING ANTS? That's just messed up, man. Next thing you know, they are diving for your eyes.