Saturday, April 12, 2008

Saturday Post

I went to the book signing on Friday night. Sigler sold 60 copies of his book and I picked up the last non-pre-order off the shelf.

When my turn came, I introduced myself and told him that I voted for Houston as his final tour stop and then got a job offer in South Carolina, so I delayed my start date for two weeks so that I could attend and follow through on my vote.

He laughed and personalized my book like this:


"Gary". Nice.

My only response is to market and sell more books than him so he can one day regret his error.

The new-and-improved print version of Infected is more graphic and disturbing than the original, so it was money well spent.

This morning I did my presentation on Office Communications and (even though I am way out of practice) I did not vomit a single time, even just into my own mouth!

Also, there may have been test questions created from some of my rant against pointlessness, though I have no idea which bits were test worthy. If it had been a psyche course, I'm sure the questions would have been about diagnosis and treatment options.

Since I promised to share this, here is a copy of one of my Meeting Bingo cards:


Feel free to print one out to take to your next meeting and cross off words as they are used. The prize? It looks like you are taking notes.


Anonymous said...

Totally awesome Gary!

Andrew Moore said...

I've always been partial to "Grick".