Monday, April 14, 2008

A Second Infestation


One time I fell asleep early at a party and woke up to the discovery that a hedgehog had taken up residence inside my skull.

Yesterday, I repeated the experiment but added a speed modifier this time, downing Fat Tire and St. Arnold's like they were refreshing Diet Coke, one after another up to and past my limit in only a couple of hours. For the record, they are not like refreshing Diet Coke at all.

This morning's skull hedgehog is like the first, only faster, and instead of crawling around and looking for an exit from my head, he seems to be running really fast in a quest to pick up gold rings, collect the Chaos Emeralds and defeat the ever evil Dr. Robotnik. This effort for justice is appreciated, I'd just like him to keep it down while he does it.

Now that all of our winter clothes are packed up and stashed in the garage, Houston has gotten another cold snap. Well, as much as Houston ever gets cold. Since I'm soft, though, I feel like we need to spend the day researching and ordering sled dogs off Amazon. Or perhaps I should just find a sweatshirt.

The freaking hedgehog makes both options seem equally reasonable.


jane said...

It's cold here too! And have you ever tried to make toddlers keep their socks on so their feet won't freeze? Hint: It can't be done.

Garrick said...


I understand your plight. The answer lies in the magic of one little word: