Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My Workstation

Let me show you it:


Actually, that isn't it. I really don't have a place to sit at all so much. Or a computer. But this does set a low bar for my expected productivity and I'm okay with that.

I got a little more definition about my job function today. I'll try to explain it without being boring, but I make no promises. If you stick through to the end, I promise a picture of a urinal. Don't scroll ahead!

Okay, so for a Microsoft domain to establish settings for user and computer accounts, the Domain Controller must deploy Group Policies, which are configured using Group Policy Objects. I spoke with a co-worker about my role. This is how it went:

Me: So I establish Group Policies for the Citrix servers?

Co-Worker: Actually, there is a set of guidelines established by the Government for that.

Me: But I set up the policies, right?

Co-Worker: Just the security ones.

Me: Okay, so I create Group Policy Objects for security on the Citrix servers.

Co-Worker: No. You request the GPO from the group that creates GPOs. And when they make it you check it.

Me: And fix it if it is wrong?

Co-Worker: You can, but we usually just send it back and make them fix it since they built it.

Me: Why should I not tremble in fear for my job security?

Co-Worker: Your's is a Federally mandated position. Unless you get caught selling state secrets to Canada or something, you are set.

Me: How hard is it to get caught?

Co-Worker: Damn near impossible.


I promised a urinal picture and I intend to follow through with it:


I'm not sure you can tell from the grainy cellphone picture, but the interesting thing about this urinal is that the . . . opening . . . (lip?) is at a little over waist high for me. I'm not that short, so I have to assume there is a design choice at work here I have no reference for.

I've started wheeling in a chair to stand on whenever I need to go.

I thought the "vertical" properties of South Carolina started and ended with the mountainettes, but they apparently extend into the men's room.

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