Monday, April 28, 2008

Happy Birthday, Gwynyth!


Listen to this brilliance:

Take some cookie dough ice cream and jam it between two cookie dough Pop-Tarts to create the greatest ice cream sandwich of all time!

While I'd love to take credit for that, it is an original Gwynyth invention.

It may not kill a person as quickly as a double bacon cheeseburger made with Krispy Kreme doughnuts for buns, but it will most likely be a more pleasant death.

I got back to the hotel room to discover that my cellphone has no service. Maybe "the" tower is down. I'd call and ask, but . . .

Anyway, as much as I'd like to call my daughter (again, since I called before she got on the school bus) it looks like that won't be possible for a while.

I hope her birthday is an awesome one and I'm sorry I'm missing it.

At work, I've started doing the actual "worky" part. Today I reviewed the blah-blah and prepared for testing the whatever starting tomorrow. Once the stuff is implemented, we will have a solid plan for moving all of it into the production environment. See? Firm grasp of the details is what makes a good . . . Whatever the hell I am.

The hotel is completely boring and they tend to "turn off the internets" at about the time I'd be going on raids in World of Warcraft. This makes me stabby.

On the subject of World of Warcraft, I found out one of the guys on my team has a level 70 Paladin in a raiding guild on another server. You'd think we'd get along great, but he plays Alliance and I play Horde, so the tension between us has rapidly built into genuine animosity.

He doesn't play in the Arena and he isn't in my server's "Battle Group", so there is no chance this will build into an actual virtual physical confrontation.

Unless the game developers take my suggestions into account during the next patch phase.

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Darrell said...

Belated!!! Happy Birthday!!!

Wow... Somehow you must kill him! or make him IT for Vista users, he is alliance!