Tuesday, April 08, 2008

I Quit


It had been far too long but quitting a job is really like riding a bike.

Of course it is easy to play the "you suck because" card or rely on the tired old "moving on to other things" or, heaven forbid the classic "I looked it up and I'm not Constitutionally mandated to stay here", but most of the time a simple "my last day is X, good luck in the future" letter can cover all of that. Especially if you use Comic Sans .

And spinning text and humorous images in a PowerPoint presentation are still not appropriate. In my experience, most things that are wildly funny can be considered not appropriate.

For the record, there has been no official response from management at all. Or even "Oh". Or "I got your written resignation".

Nothing at all from anyone.

Hopefully by this time tomorrow I should be able to report on some kind of reaction to my quitting, but management skips out before four in the afternoon and they usually don't get in until nine thirty or so in the morning so maybe they haven't read it yet. 

Either way, now that I've officially quit, I'm inching closer to the time when these people can stop asking me to do stuff at all hours of the day and night.

The transitioning-out phase should be pretty short in reality. I've already uninstalled all my stuff and deleted my documentation. I think they may keep me around through the duration of my notice period just to dump odd-hours crap work and blame on me, which is no difference to the way things were before I gave notice except that now I've got a target end date to it. Ah, those three little words . . . "Target End Date."

This afternoon a friend is coming by to help me catch the fish in the aquarium so that she can give them a new home and I can tear down the old one and stash it in the garage to be moved. I fear the size of that project.

I'm also trying to get all the heavy lifting part of the move out of the way before I leave town, but there is a pretty nasty amount of that, too.

I should stop by one of those illegal day labor sites on my way home.

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