Saturday, July 22, 2006

After every shift, a NOCC technician fills out a form with current NOCC events to keep everyone up to date on what is broken or may soon break.
This Shift Report is emailed to the entire technical group and some members of upper management.
Ok, so as a simple fact of where I work, there are hundreds of devices that can break.
At any given time, they may be down for maintenance, offline due to network outage, re-named by a customer, or just not reporting correctly due to some issue with our reporting tool.
When this happens, they get added to the "Ignore List" on the Shift Report with an explanation.
Well, they did get added to the "Ignore List" until yesterday.
Yesterday some sales asshat decided that calling it an "Ignore List" made it look like we didn't care. "If the customer saw that what would they think?"

How did that person avoid being on the "Ignore List"?

Ok, so then we had to have a meeting to discuss the intolerance communicated by the phrase "Ignore List".
Later in the day, we had another meeting to come up with another way of saying the same thing.
So three hours later (after all my suggestions were shot down for being profane, offensive, or just mean) we started calling it "False Positive".
Now it will take about a month for everyone to start using it.

If I ever had to fill out a Shift Report, I'd still refer to those systems as "Code F'd".

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