Friday, July 14, 2006

I spend my pre-blog morning checking email and assigning the tasks for the day priorities based on a number of pre-established and variable criteria:

1. How much do I like the person who requested the task?
a. How loudly are they yelling?
b. Any chance they will give up?
c. Are they more or less important than the other people asking me to do stuff?
d. Are they going to blame me either way?

2. How interesting is the activity?

3. Is anything cool going on online at the moment? Maybe a good discussion on some message board? Neat five-page article on MSNBC? Vote for the cutest kitten picture contest?

4. Did I advise against this specific activity?

5. Is the activity a direct result of not following my advice? Am I supposed to fix something that never would have broken if I'd been allowed to properly maintain it?

6. Will the activity look good on a resume?

7. Can I spin the activity into something that looks good on a resume?

8. Is it going to take long? My attention span . . . Look! Shiny stuff!

9. Is this task going to increase my bitterness?

10. Am I getting anything out of this at all? Cash? Personal growth? A sense of a job well done? How about a "thank you"? Is that too much to ask?

All that said, today I have to get a bunch of pointless crap done.
After work, I'm taking the family out for salad.
This weekend is a game weekend, so I've got that going for me.
I'm also out of comics to read, and with my preferred store all burned up and my sense of loyalty pinning me there anyway I'll just have to wait it out.
This post is late, by the way, because of an ethical quandary at work. I'll explain that mess later.


Darrell Davis said...

well at least your happy with your job!

Pamela Moore said...

And you have your health. (You do have your health, right?)