Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Awesome baseball action:

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Thanks in no small part to my brilliant coaching ("Um . . . Hit it really hard." "Hit it really far." and "I'm sitting in ants! I'm sitting in ants!") the batting is going really well. Gwynyth spent the practice yesterday taking photos of Shana. She may have a future in sports photography. At least she does if the athletes can take direction like, "Pretend you are in the desert!" and "When I say 'cheese', hit the ball really really hard and far."
Wait a minute. . .
With photography like that my coaching is completely superfluous.
I had no idea her "pinching your head" routine was an attempt at downsizing:

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Now I feel really useless. Here is the insert your own joke photo:

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And two photos of Team Shana:

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I can't even identify the weird bit of sports equipment Gwynyth is holding in that last picture. Cleat scrubber? Tee tee-er?

Work called a little after 4am, reporting broken stuff. I came in early and can find no evidence of the broken stuff. Also, the guy that called me went home. Now I'm changing his password without telling him just to make myself feel a little better.
Plans for today include hanging out with Gwynyth during Shana's physical therapy (we may skip over to the Mac store for a "Switch" demonstration) and then acting as roadie for "Team Shana" at the park. That tee is pretty heavy.
Hopefully, I'll be able to skip out of work as early as I showed up.
If not, there is plenty of "unauthorized account maintenance" to occupy my time.


Darrell Davis said...

Sucker!!! Go Team Pass (o the oddity that is a family with the last name Pass, and no sports knowledge!)

Pamela Moore said...

What odd balls!

Another bit of baseball advice - Big League Chew. Oh, and the fans should drink beer (or a beer substitute). I know the Dodgers always seem to hit more balls when there's beer invovled.

Andrew Moore said...

And to think. Most guys only have two balls in their sack.

Okay, here's a geeky idea: I think "Nova" did an episode on the physics of baseball. Maybe they have some tips.

Andrew Rhodes said...

An ACDC song comes to mind....

Garrick said...

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap?