Friday, July 21, 2006

I hate sitting by the door. Thursday pretty much summed up why this is so.
So I'm sitting there, typing away, minding my own business (you know, like I do), when (salesperson's name deleted to comply with non-disclosure agreement) burst in and I inadvertently made eye contact.
She flipped a tiny black piece of plastic at me.
I watched it clatter across my desk and land face down.
"That is my 'end' key," she identified.
"It probably doesn't 'end' stuff so well from there," I nodded. At this point I really wasn't sure where this was headed.
"It just popped off and I can't get it snapped back on."
Crap. She was about to ask me to do it.
"That's odd. Usually they just pop back into place." I smiled encouragingly.
"Yeah, well it won't."
This was shaping up into an ugly stalemate so I offered,"I wouldn't try glue. Too much and it will gum up the whole keyboard, probably."
"Can you just try to fix it?"
Damn. Direct question. I can deny hinting around for hours but a direct request is like a stake through the heart for an I.T. guy, even though I suck at desktop stuff.
I carried the 'end' key to her desk and tried to put it back on. Of course, it wouldn't snap back on.
"Did you really need to end stuff?" I asked, half joking.
"Ok. I'll find out how to get you a new keyboard for your laptop."
I wandered back to my desk and sent an email to the desktop people. They suggested I try using a hammer.
In the "end", the sales person got a whole new laptop to replace a missing 'end' key.

Anyway, later in the day a co-worker snapped this blurry picture in the back near the construction area:

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Doesn't look like much, but if you look closely you can see a huge pile of wood, recently unloaded from the truck. If you look even closer, you can see the wheels on top -- because the whole stack tumbled out the back and almost landed on the SUV. As it was, they were completely ready for gravity to suddenly reverse itself.
It was extremely loud when it fell and then apparently very interesting as these guys kind of stood around it like they were expecting it to do something cool.
I don't know if it ever did because I left soon after this.
Plans for today include sitting farther from the door and parking farther from the loading zone.


Andrew Rhodes said...

"Fuckin casters..."

Andrew Moore said...

That's it! Scooter must've been on the unloading crew!

Pamela Moore said...

Dude, that would explain the almost collapse of the lumber.

Garrick said...

Has anyone found Scooter through MySpace?