Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Hmmm . . . Well . . . Yes.
I skipped work today. Friday's ethical crash has seriously impacted my ability to go back there.
Eventually, I'll run out of vacation days and sick days and "hey-where-the-hell-is-what's-his-name-days" and I'll probably stop getting paid. That would be intensely bad, though maybe not as bad as falsifying documents.
On the bright side, I've been working on our upcoming Dungeons and Dragons campaign in the hopes of ditching reality for a while. It seems to be working.
Our group has been playing long enough that a simple framework lets them really take off and run with a storyline.
Also in the "Avoid Reality" column -- my recently burninated favorite comic book store will re-open tomorrow with the past three weeks worth of comics ready for me to geek out over.
That is three weeks I've spent avoiding spoilers and keeping my head down when passing geeks in the hall.
The other thing going on is that Shana entered a contest and has been selected as a semi-finalist.
The fine print, however, explained that in order to participate the selected semi-finalist has to hit a ball at Minute Maid Park before an Astros game (for distance and accuracy) and beat out up to 59 other entrants.
Now, since finding out about this (last Friday), Shana has worked 12+ hours batting under the same kind of conditions (wooden bat, regulation ball, regulation tee) and she can beat me every single swing.
She has until the 30th to be better than at least a third of the other semi-finalists, so batting advice would be appreciated. She had surpassed my advice by knowing which end of the bat to hold.


Andrew Rhodes said...

swing away!

Pamela Moore said...

Keep your eye on the ball and spit. I see all kinds of players on TV and at the in-person games that spit before they swing.

Snaps to you for having a moral code. Your soul may be saved while your employer (or former employer) will be rotting in out-ethics morass.