Wednesday, July 12, 2006

So I found this article on MSNBC this morning. But first, someone (an employee, possibly (most likely) stoned) deleted our monitoring solution and I'm still trying to figure out exactly how that happens.
In addition to that, the actual NOCC-sitter is late and devices are crashing all over. With documentation like "In the event of a router failure call local I.T. (Is that me? Local there or local here?), notify help desk (Which number is that?) and open a ticket with the provider (What provider are you talking about? This company uses seven!)," the other Microsoft guy and I are pretty much lost.
Anyway, according to this article on MSNBC, there is a company that has offered everyone in the blogging community the chance to sell out, and I'm all in favor of not only selling out, but sharing that opportunity with everyone else.
I'm skeptical. While I understand that the frenzy over new media and blogging is pretty substantial, I don't know whether I fully understand the business model. I'm also not sure I care. Does having a "this post is an ad" image impact credibility and start the inexorable spiral into the bloated super-media culture of today or is there room spread the word about products and services? Does that mean I'm sold out? No. There is a bunch of other things that indicate I've sold out. I won't use domestic soap. Don't even ask.
I've shilled for Marvel and DC comics and Coke Rewards and Sony just in random posts this month. I can afford to insert an image here and there for fun and profit. So far, I've only seen the fun part of that. I for one welcome our new blogging overlords. I'll also let everyone know if money appears in my PayPal account.

Plans for today include laughing a lot about our deleted monitoring solution and changing random words in the support documentation which is still providing absolutely no support.
I'm also picking up my daughter from the airport after work, which should be like pressing the "Pause" button on life -- but the second time, so stuff can actually start moving again. We've been lost and pathetic without her, regularly forgetting to eat and painting random rooms multiple colors.


Pamela Moore said...

I'm still stumped by how someone can throw up in a server.

Garrick said...