Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Hey! Look what showed up!

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Additionally, the Coke Rewards program sent me a shipment confirmation email late in the day.
I intend to play it until I develop massive PlayStation2 thumbs which I will later use to make annoying thrumming noises on my metal work desk.
Enormous, buff, masculine thumbs.


Andrew Moore said...

Congratulations! All that torture was not in vain!

But how about that massive hunk of bling in the corner? Great Jeeves!

Game console + big t.v. = w00+!

Andrew Rhodes said...

TV?!?!?! I thought it was a microwave from 1984....

Garrick said...

It is one of those fake cardboard televisions they have on display at Ikea to show you how nice the entertainment centers can look. I folded it up, stuffed it under my sweater and walked right out with it.