Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I've been working more on my upcoming Dungeons and Dragons campaign.
I've got some left-overs. Here is a ready made scenario I just can't squeeze in and it is complete with a pre-generated non-player character:

Background -
Aeons ago, the goddess Jax-Arah created a minor plane of transition, similar to the Ethereal Plane or the Astral, to connect her own two otherworldly realms to the Prime Material Plane. This plane provided a conduit, which forked as one traveled from the material world to go to either of her two planes.

Centuries ago, however, Jax was defeated in battle by the terrible Abyssal lord of serpents, Sseth. Sseth sent his squamous minions to invade Jax's two planes and slay all of her many children, using the forking conduit plane to get to them. However, the eldest of the children, Jax's half-mortal son Samuel-el, stood at the junction to stem the squirming tide. As Sseth's demonic serpents approached, he stared at them with a steely gaze. "And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers."

A terrible battle ensued. At its height, just as he drove the tide of scaly horrors back, the paladin cried, "I want these snakes off my mother's forking plane!"

And he was victorious. But still he stands vigil, should the snakes ever again attempt to invade the plane. No more of him could anyone ask.

Scenario: Sir Samuel-el would like to take a break from his vigil, and sends word across the planes to the player characters for help. He wants them to take his place for a time, to watch for another invasion by Sseth's forces. If the PCs ask why or want to know what he plans to do during this break, he says he'd like to go back to the Prime Material Plane for a time. "I'll just walk the earth. You know, walk the earth, meet people... get into adventures."

Sir Samuel-el, Son of Jax

Male human half-celestial (Lawful Good)
Paladin10 CR12
Init +2 Speed 20 feet
AC 23, touch 12, flat-footed 21
HD 10d10+90 hp 151
BAB/Grapple +10/+17
Attack +18 melee (2d6+11/19–20, greatsword)
Full Attack +18/+13 melee (2d6+11/19–20, greatsword)
SA Smite evil 3/day (+8 to attack, +10 damage), smite evil 1/day (+10 damage), spell-like abilities (CL 10) At will—daylight, detect evil; 1/day—dispel evil, cure serious wounds, neutralize poison, aid, detect evil, bless; 3/day—holy smite, remove disease, protection from evil.
SQ Darkvision 60 feet, immunity to disease, resistance to acid 10, cold 10, and electricity 10, DR 5/magic, SR 20, aura of courage, divine health, remove disease (2/week), lay on hands (80 hp), divine grace, and special mount.
Fort +28 Ref +13 Will +15
Str 24, Dex 15, Con 29, Int 17, Wis 18, Cha 26

Crucial Feats: Combat Expertise, Dodge, Endurance.
Other Feats: Negotiator, Skill Focus (Diplomacy).
Crucial Skills: Concentration +20, Jump +9, Listen +8, Search +8, Sense Motive +18, Spot +6.
Other Skills: Diplomacy +23, Handle Animal +19, Heal +15, Knowledge (the planes) +6, Ride +17.

Paladin Spells: 3/3, save DC 14+spell level.
2nd—bull's strength, delay poison, eagle's splendor.
1st—bless, bless weapon, cure light wounds.

Possessions: +2 full plate armor, +1 greatsword (it is the one that says"Bad Mother F*cker"), cloak of protection +1, ring of protection +1, amulet of health +2, potion of neutralize poison, 16 pp, 12 gp.


Viper Demons (1,000): hp 22; use the stats for a half fiend huge viper (see Monster Manual).

Constrictor Demons (500): hp 60; use the stats for a half fiend giant constrictor (see Monster Manual).


Andrew Moore said...

Yeah, but can he give foot massages?

Andrew Rhodes said...

It's been so long since I sat down with a 20 sided dice that your whole post read like HTML.....

Shana said...

This just confirms everything I was saying to my physical therapist yesterday. From the D&D to the costuming (complete with tights) at Ren Fest to the comic books - there is only one definition for this.

I really love this guy! I mean Garrick - not Sir Samuel-el, Son of Jax.

Darrell Davis said...

Boring! half Troll, half red dragon Duskblade with the Saint template! and Choosen of Mystra just for the extra lovin'