Monday, July 24, 2006

Ok. So years and years ago I played (and sucked at) EverQuest.
Years later, I tried World of Warcraft and EverQuest Two.
Recently, I downloaded the free trial of the original EverQuest to see how the game has held up since, oh . . . 1999.
So there are new races and stuff, but I created the same old wood elf ranger (female) from when I played before. The only exception is that this time she is named after our cat, Nissa.
I always play female characters in MMORPGs. I find that other players give me free things.
Anyway, I re-acquainted myself with the controls and interface. I smashed rats and spiders and kobolds.
I created another character who looks like an anthropomorphic version of my wife's cat and borrowed her name, Miyoko.
I smashed rats and spiders and kobolds.
I noticed a large pit with some scaffolding in the middle. The scaffolding led down to the core of the kobold mine. I wondered if I could avoid the long enemy-laden hike around the rim to the entrance of the pit by just jumping across.
I smashed rats and spiders and kobolds.
I hit sixth level by beating the snot out of a kobold warrior.
Another player waved and bowed and hopped and got my attention.
"watch my jump ok?" he said.
"k" I suavely replied.
With a running start from the tunnel, he leapt out over the abyss. I lost sight of him.
However, he came running up, uninjured, a few minutes later while I was beating down a kobold grunt.
He hopped and waved and danced at me.
"i'll try" I promised as I looted 9 silver, 11 copper from my fresh kill.
I headed for the mouth of the tunnel. With no planning at all, I hit the up arrow key and space barred over the edge . . .
I watched awesome 3d graphics of quickly rendered scaffolding scroll past before I landed on the bottom in a crumpled heap.
I saw the red text:

You have taken 455 points of non-melee damage.
You have lost consciousness.
You have died.

Yeah. I missed EverQuest.

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Andrew Rhodes said...

I tried Star Wars galaxies before the f'd it over....

Giving girls things....Everquest mimicing life or visa versa. Of course I seem to be the only one who has not married...