Sunday, July 30, 2006

Last night was game night. I could have handled it better.
Ok, so our little werewolf pack admittedly had screwed things up pretty good.
By the time the game started last night, the city was a wreck. There was no power. Werewolves and vampires were killing each other, regular humans clogged the streets with panicked flailing and a 25 foot tall war spirit was walking around with a giant axe smashing stuff pretty much anywhere he wanted.
But we had a plan.
I was to act as bait, trap the war spirit in a alternate reality, and probably just hang out there for the rest of eternity - maybe knitting, maybe avoiding a giant axe.
Whatever the plans were, it played out in a different direction.
My character answered a question incorrectly . . . And the city blew up.
50% player character death instantly, as well as hundreds of thousands of people we were supposed to protect.
The stunned silence around the gaming table was almost liquid.
"Wait a minute. Mushroom cloud? Seriously?"
"Yes. Seriously." Darrell answered.
I've never been a part of an endgame where it went so horribly wrong, much less been the reason it did.
Sometimes characters die in these things, and the ending was completely "World of Darkness" dark, alright.
So, Mike's character survived by passing into the spirit world during the impact and Adrian's character survived by dumping magic into his run speed and dashing straight for the Oklahoma border.
Joe's character was turned to ash instantly and mine was frozen into a statue in honor of the wrong answer.
Both very very dead.
Dead with no chance of coming back. We all know that one of the most common and beloved/hated conventions of fiction is for someone to come back from beyond. They glow blue like Obi Wan maybe, but can't really have an effect on the world.
Or perhaps they turn up more powerful, but dark and bitter like in the Living Dead movies.
Sometimes they just come back from the dead with new abilities ala Gandalf the White.
Not in this case.
I got half of us killed. Sorry, Joe.
We did spend a great deal of time discussing the upcoming Dungeons and Dragons game.
The initial party consists of a cleric to heal and a thief to disarm traps and steal stuff and two hybrid classes -- A paladin to heal and chop stuff up and a Dusk Blade to cast spells and chop stuff up.
It seems pretty balanced. I'll try not to kill Darrell's character in revenge for the explosion last night. Instead, I'll kill Darrell's character because he just can't defeat a swarm of venomous dire primordial fiendish shadow squirrels. Not that I'm vindictive.
Did I mention the squirrels have ninja class levels?


Darrell Davis said...
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Darrell Davis said...

I blame everything on Kean!
"if someone ask you if your a god you say YES!"
By the way Eric is one of the most respected Forsaken to have ever walked the earth.