Sunday, July 16, 2006

There was an awesome game of Werewolf: The Forsaken last night surrounded and infused with awesome hang out time.
I think it has been a month since we "rolled dice in anger".
We spent the first half of the session discussing our eventual return to Dungeons and Dragons -- who would fill what party role and what type of campaign was wanted.
Then we started actually playing.
To begin with, our group of werewolves needed to solve a mystery. Since it looked like a werewolf was violating the peace and killing vampires, it fell on us to find the culprit.
Unfortunately, the murderer was one of the Player Characters. While he was under some kind of mind control at the time, the vampire council would still be pretty upset about it.
After that, there were battles in and out of the spirit realm and a meeting of all the area werewolves where our possible courses of action were debated.
While I'm not 100% on board with the whole "my-character-sacrifices-himself-for-the-good-of-the-group" thing, I'll see how it plays out.
Darrell had a good time as Storyteller mind-controlling the characters and having them attack one another. Nice. And noted in regards to our eventual return to D&D. Do you have a back up character, Darrell? You should. It will save time. ;)
Later on today I have to write a full report to my manager justifying my position and continued employment. I was supposed to turn that in on Friday but I wasn't in a "fiction" kind of mood.


Pamela Moore said...

Is the werewolf model going to give up his skivvies to save the group? Fans want to know.

You could just be crass on your justification for continued employment. I turned in a request for a raise on Friday with the words "I'm an evil bitch, but we like that around here." I got a raise of $2 an hour. My boss didn't even bat an eye. Seriously. You could say "I don't like that I have to work here, but I need to pay for shit. Therefore, you should continue to employ me and give me more money." Might work.

Garrick said...

I know this much:
The werewolf model is too pretty to suffer. You'd think I'd try playing something less me, you know?

At work I try to always be as bluntly honest as possible without hurting feelings.
Congratulations on the raise. I may steal your "I'm an evil bitch" line.

Andrew Moore said...

You're too pretty to suffer and you paid your way through college as an underwear model. Geez, the whole point of fantasy games is to be someone else.