Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Go Team Wednesday!

Sadly, this post started out "Go Team Tuesday!" but I've mostly lost track of the days of the week.
Between yesterday and today six jobs were posted in whatever the hell it is I do and none of them are local. I applied anyway. You know. Like you do . . . .

Maybe the South isn't for us. I cringe whenever Gwynyth says "y'all", even if she is only doing it to make me cringe.
Someone named Gwynyth should never say "y'all". That is why we spelled her name like that. Someone named Gwynyth has to be at the top of the linguistic game. It is kind of like how a boy named "Nancy" would have to learn to fight.
Also, the charm of the South is just wearing off. I've lived in or visited every southern state and no one has ever offered my a mint julep. Not once, my friends. What's up with that?

Where is the hospitality? What are we? Bostonians?

And if people from Boston are Bostonians, what does that make people from this southern community?

The South is all hot and waspy anyway.

To clarify, the South is hot and waspy in a high-temperature nest-building stinging insect way as opposed to my own (soon to be patented) "hot and WASPy" which refers to my prettiness and my refusal to confront unpleasant things directly. Such as wasps. In the heat.

Thank you.

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