Saturday, August 19, 2006

Saturday! My day to relax after a grueling three half-days professionally sitting. And milling. At least milling on one of the half-days.
I started out the morning brushing up on some white papers. After lunch, we went to the Katy Visual and Performing Arts Center for an open house. These kids have no qualms about getting up in front of (literally) over a thousand people to sing Disney songs really loudly. I spent most of the time wrestling Gwynyth (who does not take classes there) away from the stage.
They eventually let her participate in an authentic minstrel show. Here she is getting all made up:

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Smell the history!

While there were no clowns, there was a magician who also made balloon animals and giant balloon sculptures. He was (hopefully) called away in mid-project just before I took this picture at his booth:

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If that was his finished product I'd have to call it the saddest poodle I've ever seen!

The job search is too depressing to blog about so here is a picture of an adorable kitten:

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