Friday, August 11, 2006

Yesterday was all about the museum. There is honestly only so much job hunting a person can do in a day. A few hours online beats a few days of hand delivering resumes.
Anyway, we went to the Museum of Fine Arts (hacks even drawing on envelopes sometimes), the Children's Museum (screaming herds of kids trying to destroy the displays) and the Museum of Medical Science (the one where you walk into the giant mouth and tour through giant reproductions of various organ systems).
The giant brain was cool. Gwynyth and I decided to go for a zombie theme so here is a picture of us devouring the giant brain:

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Mmmm . . . Brains! BRAAAAINS!!!!

We later played a game of "Mind Ball" where the goal is to clear one's mind to move the ball into the opposing goal. Alpha and Theta waves are displayed in real time. I'm player #2:

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Yep. I'm an absolute mental flat-line, people. At least I'm not stressed.
Gwynyth was player #1. It was an heroic effort at relaxation on her part, but you can't beat me at drawing a blank.
I was quickly ushered away after offering to thrash all comers in a non-stop steel-cage razor-wire slack-fest.
Don't hate the player, Museum of Medical Science -- Hate the game.
Plans for today include . . . Well, I was looking forward to posting this.
I also looked for a job already. I'll do that again after lunch.

Oh, tonight is game night. Old-school, pencil and paper Dungeons and Dragons! Rolling dice in anger! I don't have enough dice for this much anger!


Darrell Davis said...

we get our a$$ handed to us when your in a good mood. Crap we're all screwed tonite!
by the way, when you were eating the brains you weren't unreasonable were you?

Garrick said...

No one mentioned eating the eyes.
Cornea . . . Yummy, but not so digestible.

Pamela Moore said...

Awesome! I love the brain eating picture (but I would with zombies and all).