Friday, August 18, 2006

Today I again polished my 1337 Court TV extra skillz. Probably due to my total outclassing of the "Millers" and the "Standers" yesterday, today I was instructed to sit still and not call attention to myself. Jealousy is just so sad.
I stole chocolates for Gwynyth from the snack table.

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Pamela Moore said...

snack table = w00+! I try to snag something for Andrew from the snack table when he's not working with me. Sometimes I even grab something for the dogs.

Here's some advice for future days doing extra work:

1) Hit the snack table early when the selection is best. Grab a little something you might like to eat later. Grab a bottle of water as well because they tend to run out later.
2) Harass the second assistant director (extras wrangler) to find out when you're getting done for the day or what the last shot will be. Act like you're the wisest extra there and try to be the 2 A.D.'s best friend.
3) At the meal break, hit the snack table again. See if they've added anything new and more interesting than the booty you collected earlier. Grab a couple things you'll eat with your meal and a couple things for your pockets.
4) At the last break of the day (right before the last shot or last show is taped), visit the snack table again. Put something directly into your mouth or fix yourself a cup of tea so you have something to distract the craft service person from noticing how you're filling your pockets with goodies so you don't have to buy groceries for a couple days.