Thursday, August 24, 2006


What happened today?


I'm out of Splenda.

I mean, we have Splenda for baking in the big suspiciously light boxes. You just can't put that in coffee. Can you?

I can't. It froths up un-naturally. Seriously. Try it.

Of course, the individual packets made for stirring into beverages cost around a thousand dollars for a box of, like, a hundred or something. Usually, I steal handfuls of those things when I visit Starbucks. For a while, it was seriously my whole reason to wear a jacket to work. Sort of quasi-shoplifting Splenda packets that are technically generally free.

Today was spent mostly talking to recruiters and filling out those online "What is your career goal/dream job?" surveys on all the head-hunter pages. I have yet to speak to one who cares about my goals past my marketable skill set so it is generally wasted time. I have learned that multiple choice what-do-you-want-to-be-when-you-grow-up tests rarely have enough choices when you hit your thirties.

Someone actually asked me today what style of management I prefer. I asked him if anyone had ever volunteered that they loved to be micro-managed. Does anyone work well with someone hovering? Has it ever helped in a crisis? Saved lives? Made anyone feel respected, trusted or appreciated?

We told the doctor today that I'd lost my job and we would be losing our insurance at the end of the month. He didn't make the sign of the cross and flee the room. I appreciated that.
He said, "What is it you do?"

"I drink a lot," I answered.

Tomorrow is game day. I'm finishing up my monsters, traps, custom poisons, death magics and creepy non-player characters to mislead and torment the players. I doubt I'll have time to figure out treasure or rewards or anything like that. Stupid job search!

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