Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I survived the meeting yesterday through strategic application of honesty.
What was supposed to have been a lunch meeting turned out to be a crowded-around-my-desk meeting. The people not in the meeting fled to lunch and no one else could leave the NOCC.
Hungry, bitter, and used up, I went over the outline for the meeting.
Hey! It actually looked like I did stuff! And since I was busy all morning fixing broken crap I actually felt like I did stuff.
When we went over my task list I said I was developing a set of scripts to automate everything I'm currently doing. While "developing" is a stretch, I am stealing the scripts off the internet.
The weird convoluted undocumented processes passed on through oral tradition should be scripted. The results should be verified, once per day, by a living person. Preferably not a person living off-shore.
At any rate, I'm attempting for the first time to automate myself out of a job. It goes against my core beliefs as a tech worker, but at this point it is me against the machine so the machine can do the boring part as far as I'm concerned.
What do I do once the scripts are finished? I don't script well. This is taking forever. I'll be ready for retirement long before I can turn these over for use in production. And if, by some miracle, I do get them working, my hard drive will probably get some kind of spike through it accidentally or something. No stress.
Today I'm not at work. We are headed out of town for the rest of the week to attend a funeral.
I'll have my laptop, but updates may be sporadic.

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