Thursday, August 17, 2006

Hey! Let's see what Google AdWords does with this:

Today I spent another seven hours on the set of Cristina's Court.
I saw four cases. By the second case, I was longing for a fist fight.
In the third case I thought we would have one.
You see, there was a property dispute between two homosexual women centering around who got the family photos and who owns the PT Cruiser.
Also, apparently one of the women (the plaintiff) was not what we in the artistic community would refer to as, you know, "out".
Until Cristina's Court.
Her ex- decided that she took issue with the repeated use of the word "roommate" and also pointed out a ceremony in Vermont.
Today I wisely brought a book and blended in with the regulars a little better. Then I was promoted to "Miller" status. As those of us "in the business" know, these elite Court TV extras mill about before the cases start. I made the unheralded leap from "Stander" to "Miller" in just one day, people.
I haven't forgotten all the other, crappier, less-important extras either. After a particularly stunning performance before the case of the bad ex-boyfriend and the unpaid cell phone bill I took my place back at the inside edge of row two and announced to everyone (not just the awesome) that in my estimation, "we nailed it." Not I . . . No, we nailed it.
We certainly did.

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Pamela Moore said...

There's nothing in the world quite like extra work, is there?

I'm hoping that one day next week I can get paid to watch one of these new talk shows, preferrably the one hosted by Karen from "Will & Grace." Unless, of course, I can get another day on "nip/tuck." They have better food.