Monday, August 14, 2006

So this one time, I had a job. And at this job, there was a morale-building booze fest at Dave & Busters where there were video games and fabulous prizes.
I didn't spend my game card because I intended to bring Gwynyth back at some point. She loves playing the games and winning tickets, then cashing in the tickets in exchange for whatever she likes from the prize hole.
Today being the last full day of summer for her ("Meet the Teacher" is tomorrow) featured the abuse of that game card.
Someday, Gwynyth will ride a tour bus to Vegas and she will be one of those cranky ladies who parks herself in front of the nickel slots for hours and hours and hours, swilling gin and letting the ash on her cigarette get really creepy long.
In a little over an hour, she had obtained enough points for an Air-Zooka and a weird gooey thing with tentacles -- both blue.
Later today, we will all play some tennis. If it weren't for the near total financial panic, I'd consider this life of leisure people aspire to live.
I'm looking forward to "Meet the Teacher". I may change out of my pajama bottoms for that.

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