Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Overall, living in suburban Texas is good. Sure, we have our share of crime. Citizens band together from time to time in Texas to get justice for themselves and their community. In the end, as is always the case, it is all about the bling.
We also have an awesome opportunity to name a city park. I may be mistaken, but I think this is possibly the park where a former co-worker and I saw a crack head strip naked and run around hugging people while we ate nachos in the mall across the street. I remember that incident as one of the first times I really really knew we lived in a big city. I also remember it as the largest grouping of mounted police I've ever seen.
Anyway, I'm hoping for the "Goya Jalapeno Jogging Trail" to become a reality.
I've got nothing better to do than name the park. Also, dinner for two could rock.

1. Beats-Sleeping-at-the-Bus-Station Acres
2. Medical Waste Park
3. Are you done with that chili dog?
4. Hometown Mugs
5. Didn't-This-Used-To-Be-A-Waste-Water-Plant Fields?
6. w00+ Place
7. Better Have My Money Trails
8. Shallow Graves
9. Tag Land
10. Land in the Flood Plain We Couldn't Sell to a Yankee


Darrell Davis said...
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Darrell Davis said...

wow you forgot "Crackhead Hugs Park", creating a better PR for crackheads. Or "Get a Cheeseburger from a Junkie park" Or for something different; "Are we in Pasadena, no then whats that smell grounds."

Pamela Moore said...

I like "Doggie Droppings Park."

Shana said...

"Nude Hugs Urban Recreation Center" - a park with a name like that would cover its construction cost with admission in no time.