Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Look everyone! A fascinating day-in-the-life post by a guy with no job.
Now that I have a solid snapshot, I can share the schedule.
Around 7:30 - Get up, scour the job boards. First, I hit Monster.com (that's what you do, you know), then Computerjobs, then any of a host of pretender websites which sometimes turn out to have more valid stuff than the first two I check anyway.
~8:15 - Freak out as I realize I haven't had any coffee. For the good of the family, I have a cup.
8:30 - Blog, probably. At the same time, I email and continue to f5 the job pages hoping something awesome with my actual name in the title has shown up.
9:15 - Holy crap! There is no more coffee. Do I want more? Do I need more?
9:17 - Start another pot of coffee.
9:30 - I start getting "You-have-already-applied-to-this-position" warning messages from various job sites. My searches start to become more random.
10:05 - Fully up-to-date on the status of Brad and Angelina's relationship, I develop a creepy small muscle spasm under my left eye.
10:20 - Shana notices the spasm and recommends something for us to do.
11:00 - Lunch process begins.
12:30 - Lunch clean up is complete.
12:40 - Activity time.
3:30 - "I wonder if anything new showed up on the job boards?"
5:00 - Dinner process, followed by a dash through tennis, driving, bedtime story (currently Ramona Quimby: Age 8) and bedtime.
8:15 - More job searches.
9:00 - EverQuest - Miyokko the sixth level BeastN00b battles moon goblins. Freaking moon goblins. Someday they'll pay.
11:30 - Bed and Sustained Silent Reading time.

Holy crap I need a job.


Darrell Davis said...

...Mmm I think he's starting to crack. By the way people someone give him a damn job. Free time = bad game time for the players.

Pamela Moore said...

You'll look back at this time when you have a job and say, "Crap. I wish I had more time to spend at home."