Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Holy crap I've got a lot of time to try out new weird web stunts. I've started playing with TrailFire because I think it could have a lot of interesting applications. I used it to set up a new players resource guide for Dungeons and Dragons.
I did not include a link to the Character Optimization message board, but only because I am currently acting as Dungeon Master so I have to pretend like I hate that powergaming crap.
There are probably less geeky uses. A person could send information to a co-worker, friend or parent with friendly web annotation.
I could create and link together sixteen blogs to email to a person about why they suck. If I knew crappy people. And had free time. And sixteen blog accounts.
I hope there are safeguards in place to prevent the display of site which could infect a computer with spyware or malware or crapware. Ok. I made that last term up. I didn't see anything promising safety. My guide is computer and family friendly, but since I naturally turn all things to evil I can already imagine sending someone at a corporate email address a new trail to a couple of work-related site, then switching to an online casino page with 3,000,000 pop up ads. Or worse. Or much, much worse. I can hardly wrap my brain around how much worse it can get.
I've also left comments on the pages in my trail. For the record, there are no curse words although there seems to be no curse word filter. That may be the coolest part. It feels like tagging. I'm all about tagging.
I'm all about way too much free time, too.

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