Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Wednesday is new comic book day!
I picked up the latest issue of 52 (week 17) and a Civil War Young Avengers/Runaways cross over.
As you may recall, I grew up in the Marvel universe. Outside of Detective Comics and the idea of Aquaman, I wasn't really about DC comics growing up.
Nonetheless, I was happy to see psychotic intergalactic bounty hunter Lobo finally turn up in the pages of 52. That guy is delightfully class-free.
Other than introducing Lobo, the story doesn't seem to progress much.
I'm a big time Marvel Civil War junkie, and anything involving the Runaways is a sure thing. A fight between the Young Avengers (I'm totally unfamiliar with them, by the way) and the Runaways is going to be worth reading.
Why is it that when two groups of super heroes meet they always fight?
Why can't they discuss their feelings and motivations before attempting to solve every problem with violence?
These are supposed to be the good guys.
Except for the Punisher.
And sometimes Wolverine.
And most certainly Lobo.


Joe said...

Aquaman ... did you know that I have a copy of the Aquaman pilot that filmed this year as an iTunes video ...


Garrick said...

w00+!!! Aquaman!


Joe said...

Go to iTunes ... they have the pilots for both "Who Wants to Be A Superhero" and "Eureka" (a new Sci-Fi Network series)that you can download ... FOR FREE!

Sweet ... free crap!

Garrick said...

Free crap + free time = awesome.